Tummy Time!™ Method

Not sure what “tummy time” is all about?  Feel like your baby doesn’t like “tummy time”?  Looking for a way to connect with your baby and foster movement and development? Concerned about head turning preference or “flat spots”?



Join Angela Selkregg licensed Occupational Therapist/TummyTime! Method professional for a 3 week series all about the TummyTime! Method.  The TummyTime! Method is a scientific, evidence based program focusing on baby’s posture, movement, connection and health.  Tummy time also promotes: unfolding from intrauterine constriction, balancing asymmetries, and healthy neurodevelopment. Caregivers will learn about, and practice: tummy time, relaxation techniques, massage, calming techniques, and various activities for engagement and connection.  The class is open to babies 3 weeks-precrawling. Please bring a blanket!

ONLINE SERIES- October 5, 9 and 14 at 1:30pm

All registered families will receive a Zoom link to join via email

Investment: $30 per family

Intro to Solid Foods (4-9 months)

This class is for any parent or caregiver that would like to learn more about how to help nutritionally transition their baby from breastmilk/ formula to solid foods without tears, fears or confusion. Whether you are a experienced parent or just starting out we are happy to have you!


Topics discussed will include:

~Signs of readiness

~What to offer, how much, and when

~Baby Led Weaning or purees? Find out what will work for your family

~Nutrient Dense 1st Foods

~Allergy Concerns

Investment: $25/family

Infant Sleep (4-12 months) Helping Your Baby Learn to Sleep Peacefully

Lead by Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, Mackenzie McCaully.

Infant sleep can be a bumpy road to navigate without help as there are many reasons a baby has trouble falling and staying asleep. In this class, Mackenzie will go over the common sleep struggles babies face and teach parents and caregivers different tips to help them lead their baby to healthy, happy sleep. At this age we can start to see babies sleep through the night with time, support and consistency. Topics covered will be:

Creating a safe and sleep conducive environment 
Recognizing sleep cues
Understanding awake times by age
Establishing an age appropriate sleep schedule for naps and nights
Sleep regressions, what they are and how to handle them


ONLINE Class Thursday, July 30 at 8pm

All registered families will receive a Zoom link to join via email

Investment: $25/family

Healthy Sleep Habits and Routines for Toddlers 1-3+

Lead by Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, Mackenzie McCaully.

As your baby grows into a toddler, their sleep needs change. What previously worked for sleep, often no longer does. In this class, Mackenzie will cover the most typical sleep struggles parents of toddlers face and tips to work through them. She will help empower you to makes the changes and adjustments necessary to help your little one sleep more soundly. This class is geared toward children age 1-3+ but will be helpful for parents with children up to age 5.


Topics covered will be:

Creating a safe and sleep conducive environment 

Age appropriate schedules and routines

Nap transition and dropping the nap entirely 

How to navigate potty and sleep

How to handle crib jumping

When to transition from the crib and how to do so 


ONLINE Class Saturday, July 18 at 1pm 

All registered families will receive a Zoom link to join via email

Investment: $25/family

Toddler Brain- Independent Play

 Independent Play

"Can you play with me?"  Do you hear this in your sleep?  Would you like your child to play more independently?

In this workshop we will discuss how your toddler’s brain works during playtime. Toddlers and their caregivers will play, socialize, and interact during activities geared toward developing problem solving, memory and attention span to inspire independent play. Play encourages development which fosters strong relationships, more restful sleep, and a happy child. Caregivers will have the chance to interact 1:1 with an experienced a child development specialist to ask questions specific to their child as well as meeting other parents and become part of a community of mindful caregivers.

Ages 2-4 year olds

ONLINE class Saturday, July 11 at 1230pm

Investment: $20 per family

Gentle Weaning Q & A

This class was designed for anyone thinking about weaning and would like to hear more about ideas and options to wean in a way that will feel natural and gentle for you and your baby. There will be time to ask your questions and engage in discussion with others and come up with a plan that you feel comfortable with. This class is geared toward babies 12 months or older.

ONLINE Class Saturday, July 25 at 10am

All registered families will receive a Zoom link to join via email

Investment: $20

Newborn Sleep (0-4 months)Healthy Foundations 

Lead by Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, Mackenzie McCaully Newborn sleep can be extremely confusing and overwhelming as there is a wealth of information out there, much of it conflicting. In this class, Mackenzie will help parents and caregivers understand the common causes of newborn sleep issues and different methods to navigate through them. At this age, we do not expect babies to sleep through the night, but we can start setting the foundation for longer stretches of sleep and healthy sleep habits. Topics covered will be:

Creating a sleep conducive environment

Helping baby differentiate day and night

Recognizing sleep cues

Understanding awake times by age

Establishing an age appropriate sleep schedule Swaddling, how and why, and when to transition out

ONLINE Class Thursday, August 6 at 1pm

All registered families will receive a Zoom link to join via email.


Investment: $25/family 

Toddler Nutrition- Raising a Foodie Baby (9-36 months)

Feeding an older baby or toddler can be fun and full of adventure, but it can also be confusing, frustrating and a bit stressful at times. This class gives parents/caregivers the knowledge they need to help their child have positive nourishing mealtimes and develop a healthy relationship with food. 


Topics discussed will include:

~Parent's role in feeding vs baby's role

~Creating healthy mealtime routines

~Normal pickiness vs redflags for feeding issues and how to deal with both

~Important nutrients and functional foods

~Recipes, a LIVE cooking demo and Q&A with Chef Nicole


Class dates coming this Fall

Investment: $30/family

AHA Infant & Child CPR

The Infant/Child CPR workshop is 99% hands-on, and teaches participants the knowledge and techniques required for treating life-threatening situations such as choking, respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest. Each participant will learn and master the skills specific to infant/child choking, infant/child CPR . This is NOT a certification class. 

Investment: $50 per person use code: CPR2 for 2 for spots for $75 

Pump Fit & Bottle Basics

This class is for parents who are planning to start pumping and/or bottle feeding. During this class you will have an opportunity to have your pump flange fit checked which can make a big difference in the comfort and amount of milk removed while pumping. We will also discuss bottle feeding and how to make the transition easier for baby and caregiver. Also, how to protect the breastfeeding relationship and milk supply while incorporating these new tools into your routine.


Topics covered:

- Finding the correct pump flange fit (bring your pump and all parts)

- Milk storage guidelines

-- How to teach your baby to bottle feed, it's a new skill!

- Bottle feeding with a paced technique in order to encourage easy transition back and forth between breast and bottle (bring any bottle nipples you have)

- How to avoid overfeeding/gassiness with a bottle

- Trouble shooting the reluctant bottle feeder


Investment: $20

Bring your pump, pump parts, bottles and bottle nipples

Kids Music Round with Miss Michelle

A music and movement class for infants, toddlers and preschoolers that includes activities designed to promote musical learning across ages.

In our signature mixed-age class, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers along with their parents or caregivers join together as a musical community. Activities include playing rhythm instruments, having fun with finger plays, and singing and dancing to music of different meters and tonalities. A mixed-age setting allows children the freedom to develop basic skills like singing in tune and keeping an accurate beat at their own pace. Since there is no set age for these skills to be acquired, these classes provide a non-performance opportunity for musical exploration that the whole family can enjoy.

ONLINE series- contact Miss Michelle at missmichellemusic@yahoo.com for more details


Mondays 9:30am-10:30

10 week series (Infants younger than12 months FREE with registered sibling) Registration with Kids' MusicRound of Collingswood/Haddon Heights includes unlimited attendance to local class offerings as well as one copy of the CD and digital downloads for the CD we will be working from for the semester!

Play to Grow: Developmental Playgroup

For babies and children, play is their work. Play is how babies learn. In this class, caregivers and their children will find ways to interact using simple songs, fingerplays, and household materials. Each week, we will review a different area of development - cognitive, communication, social-emotional, and physical development, and how to incorporate play. By stimulating your child’s senses with play we can foster strong relationships with caregivers, more restful sleep, and an overall happier child. This class will provide parents with information and activities to implement at home while meeting other new parents to become part of a community of mindful caregivers. Babies are welcome in this class!

ONLINE Class Thursdays at 10am on Instagram

Follow @wegrowtoplay for IG Live Class each week

Babywearing 101

Join Tovah of Worn This Way to learn all the basics of babywearing. With a sampling of carriers, slings, and wraps to play with, Tovah will help you learn which carrier is best for you and your baby, as well as teach you the many benefits of wearing your baby.  This class will also focus on safe babywearing, with special attention to ergonomics and hip/spine development, as well as airway safety.  

This is a HANDS ON class! Please bring any carriers or slings that you already own so that you can leave comfortable and confident. Not sure what carrier you need- Tovah will have with her a variety of carriers (slings, wraps, soft-structured etc..) for you to try out. You'll leave this class feeling informed, confident, and hands free!

TBD when in person classes resume

Investment: $20 family 

Baby Sign Language Series

Did you know that research has determined that babies exposed to sign language demonstrate improved receptive and expressive language skills than babies who are not exposed to sign language? Babies exposed to sign language also have increased emotional and cognitive skills! Sprouting Families NJ Baby Sign Class is a 3 week series designed to give parents and babies the tools to foster receptive and expressive language skills in a fun and functional manner using sign language. Each class will provide parents with signs based on American Sign Language (ASL) with activities and strategies to teach your baby signs with a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. Although, your baby may not begin using signs until around 8 months of age, babies from birth until 2 years of age are welcome!

3 week series- inquire with interest

Investment: $35 per family

Infant Massage

Join us to learn the basic strokes of baby massage. Using a gentle touch with your baby builds love and respect as you learn to calm, engage, play and ease fussiness in your baby! Infant massage enhances well-being, brain development, immune and nervous system health, circulation, digestion, relaxation and sleep, and can relieve gas, constipation, colic and stress. This is a great skill to learn when a baby is 0-6 months old!

Please bring a baby blanket for your baby to lay on.

*new dates coming soon

Investment: $15/ $10 to add additional participant

Baby Brain: Play from Day One 

Developmental Play for New & Expecting Parents (0-6 months)

My newborn is fed, changed, napped, now what?  Play?  How do you play with a newborn? In this workshop we will discuss the four main areas of baby's growth and explore ways to interact with them on a daily basis. You do not need the latest app or a fancy activity gym from the baby store. Babies crave your attention, all they need is you! Play encourages development which fosters strong relationships, more restful sleep, and a happy baby. Parents will also meet other new parents and become part of a community of mindful caregivers.

ONLINE Class Wed May 6 at 1pm

All registered families will receive a Zoom link to join via email

Investment: $20/family 

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