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Parent Education
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The Pod at The Village

The Pod is a 4-week support group for breastfeeding mothers who are seeking a safe, intimate space in which to connect and share experiences of early parenthood. The first days, weeks, and months with a new baby are filled with many highs and lows. The 4-week format will focus on this delicate transition to parenthood and will include the following topics:

Week 1: Introductions and birth/breastfeeding stories
Week 2: Processing the emotions of parenthood

(the baby blues, highs and lows including expectations and disappointments)
Week 3: Taking Care - Balancing self-care and baby care
Week 4: Managing relationships and role transitions with partner and family

The Pod is facilitated by Sarah Hastings, MSW, IBCLC 
Open to new mothers who have a baby between 0-6 months. 
A new 4-week Pod will begin on the first Tuesday of each month.

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Online Booking for Parent Education

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Yoga + Wellness at The Village 

Our classes are specifically designed for prenatal and postpartum women. We take a holistic approach to pregnancy and motherhood and offer a wide variety of classes from yoga, strength and stability, functional/corrective exercise, massage, bodywork, and meditation. We believe in offering space to connect with mind, body, baby, and heart. This is a time to listen to your individual body wisdom. We’re here to support the changing needs (physically, emotionally, and mentally) and are along for the journey from conception, childbirth, parenting, and beyond.


We offer group ‘circle time’ at the beginning of each class. This is a great way to connect with others that are on the journey into motherhood. It’s an opportunity to share ideas, ask postpartum-related questions and/or address anything for the instructor.

Weekly Yoga Class Packages available!

5 Class Package: $95

10 Class Package: $175

Online Booking for Yoga + Wellness

Postpartum Massage at The Village 

Our postpartum massage and bodywork sessions focus on the new mom’s well-being. Sessions incorporate a range of techniques to help ease the nervous system, alleviate muscle soreness, stabilize weight-bearing joints, restore postural balance and overall relaxation. This can also be a time to assist with scar tissue release from a c section and gentle abdominal massage for core function.

1:1 Postpartum Personal Training

Here at The Village, Carrie offers personalized instruction for moms that are seeking guidance with retraining the core, pelvic function, and postural alignment. As a corrective exercise specialist,  yoga instructor, and postural trainer, Carrie blends her modalities and tailors each session to one's specific needs during the postpartum period.  Options include:

  • Corrective Exercise for Core & Pelvic Floor

  • Postural Training & Functional Movement

  • Pain Management

Pricing Options:

  • Single session: $105

  • 3 Session Package: $300

  • 5 Session Package: $475

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