FAQ's for South Jersey Breastfeeding Consults

Why Should I Schedule a Lactation Consultation?

Everyone’s breastfeeding journey is different.  As natural and normal as breastfeeding is, it is also normal to feel unsure and have questions about the process. It also can feel very scary if big challenges arise such as poor weight gain or nipple damage.   Having the ongoing support of a lactation consultant means that you have someone to guide and assist you in navigating those breastfeeding challenges.  For those with small challenges, it can be reassuring and empowering to know that breastfeeding is going really well for you. Either way, hiring a lactation consultant means that you now have someone that you can call, text or email anytime for professional advice and support, which can really put your mind at ease!


What Happens During a Private Lactation Consultation?

Each private consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes.  During this time:

• We conduct a thorough health and breastfeeding history to help us get a better picture of what is going on

• We preform an oral assessment of the baby’s anatomy

• A breastfeeding session is observed

• Pre/post feed weights are preformed to assess for milk transfer

• Mom and partners' questions and concerns are addressed

• Together we create a plan of care that helps Mom to meet her breastfeeding goals

• Additional resources and referrals are provided as needed

• A written report is sent to baby’s pediatrician (and Mom’s OB as needed) within 1-2 days, detailing our assessment and plan


What Kinds of Support Do I Receive After my Consultation?

At the South Jersey Breastfeeding Center, we truly believe that a consultation is just the beginning of a relationship with us.  We generally check in with our clients within 24-48 hours of our initial visit.  We encourage our clients to keep us updated to the progress and challenges.  After your visit, you can call, text, and/or email us anytime you want.  If it looks like you have a lot of questions or concerns, we offer follow-up appointments at a discounted rate.  


We offer a weekly breastfeeding group every Tuesday from 11-12:15 in our office.  This is a great way to check in with us face to face.  Our scale is available during Mommy Meet Up and you are welcome to do weight checks and transfer weights during that time.  We believe peer support is critical to breastfeeding success and encourage all of our clients to attend. 


We also moderate the The Village-Clients and Friends Breastfeeding Meet Up Facebook closed group.  This is a wonderful online resource for ongoing peer support.  You can find this group by searching the name on FB and requesting to join.


Can My Partner Attend the Consultation?

Absolutely!  Partners are always welcome to attend the consultation, ask questions, and participate in anyway they see fit.  If your partner is unable to attend, please feel free to bring your mom, sister, best friend or whoever may be able to provide you with additional support.  


What is the Difference Between a Private Consultation and the Support Group?

• A private lactation consult is most appropriate for mothers who desire one-on-one assistance with the lactation consultant and have small to large concerns about their breastfeeding situation.  Mothers who have attended a private consultation also receive free follow-up by phone, email, or text. 


• South Jersey Breastfeeding Center Mom Meet Up is a great place to meet other breastfeeding moms, ask the lactation consultant a few breastfeeding questions, and socialize.  There are usually about 15 mothers at each support group, so it is quite difficult to give extensive breastfeeding assistance there. This is a great place for follow-up for mothers who have already had a private lactation consultation.


Does Insurance Cover my Breastfeeding Consultation(s)?

Under the Affordable Care Act, women’s preventive health care, including comprehensive lactation support and counseling by a trained provider, is covered with no cost sharing (no deductible, no copay) for new health plans.  For most insurance policies, this came into effect August of 2012. Unfortunately there are some exceptions, so we recommend contacting your insurance company directly to find out what is covered.  Follow this link for a step by step guide for speaking with your insurance company about your lactation benefits. 


At this time, South Jersey Breastfeeding Center is an in-network provider for Aetna, Amerihealth New Jersey and Independence BCBS (IBX) and can bill directly for in office and home visit lactation consultations for subscribers. *Please note we are not in-network with Horizon or individual BCBS plans. 

All HOME VISITS require a $50 fee travel that will be collected at the time of booking. ***Please be aware that due to Covid-19, we are currently not offering any home visits. All appointments are done in our office in Collingswood, NJ or via telehealth.


For those with other insurance providers, you will be required to pay for services at the time of the visit. We are able to accept payment via cash, check or charge.


Our fee for service costs are:

Initial Consult in office or at home- $175

Follow Up Consult- $90

Back to Work Consult- $90

Prenatal Consult- $90

We will provide you with an invoice, complete with procedure and diagnosis codes, at the time of your appointment to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. It can be helpful to speak with your insurance company prior to scheduling your appointment so that you have a better understanding of what your costs will be. 

Verifying your benefits prior to the appointment:

It is recommended that you verify your out of network benefits prior to the appointment. This would include contacting your insurance provider (customer service number on back of card) and verify your out of network benefits for CPT/Diagnosis codes 092.70 and Z39.1 and Procedure codes 99203 and 99404. Follow this link for a step by step guide for speaking with your insurance company about your lactation benefits. 

*Please note that if you have not met your out of network deductible, your reimbursement will be applied to the deductible.    

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