• You are a first time breastfeeding Mom and you felt confident when you left the hospital but now you are just not sure “you’re doing it right?”

  • You are in pain every time you latch your baby to the breast

  • You have any visible damage, such as cracking or bleeding, to the skin on your nipples.

  • You (and/or your heathcare provider) are concerned about your baby’s weight

  • You have concerns about your milk supply, your baby is acting hungry all the time or does not seem satisfied after feeding

  • You are supplementing (with pumped breast milk or formula) and feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to get into a routine

  • Your baby was born preterm

  • You have multiples

  • Your baby is excessively fussy and unhappy

  • You are getting conflicting advice about feeding your baby and want to know the evidence-based truth from someone who has experience and training in counseling nursing moms (this conflicting advice usually goes along with sleeping and scheduling advice)

  • You dread when it’s time to feed the baby

South Jersey Breastfeeding is proud to be an

in-network provider for:


Independence BCBS

Amerihealth NJ

For all others, out of network benefits may apply.

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All scheduling is now done through our online scheduling system.

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Update 6/10

 We will resume in-person consults the week of 6/22. At this time, we will not be offering home visits.

We will still offer a limited number of virtual lactation consults weekly.  Not all plans will cover telehealth.

 It the responsibility of the client to confirm benefits.  

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Individual Lactation Consults- Office or Virtual

Includes a detailed breastfeeding history of mother and baby, an assessment of mother and baby's anatomy, weight check and measurement of milk transfer, personal instruction in optimal latch and positioning techniques, and observation of a breastfeeding for purpose of evaluating technique and baby's effectiveness at breast.  Also includes a full written plan of care provided to client, physician report and follow up via our secure messaging system.

**Due to COVID 19, we are not currently offering home visits.***

We now offer a limited number of home visits each week.  We encourage these visits for clients who do not have the ability to come to the office such as twins, pre-term infants post NICU discharge or any other person who may benefit from an in-home visit.  There is a $50 travel fee for all home visits that will be collected at the time of booking.  Insurance benefits can then be used for those with Aetna, Amerihealth and Indepedence BCBS insurance.  For self-pay clients, the remainder ($175) will be collected at the conclusion of the visit.

Follow Up Consults 

Client and LC will determine together whether follow up consult is needed. Most follow up weight checks can done at our Mommy Meet Up and will not require a follow up consult. 

Prenatal Consults

Our prenatal consultations are especially helpful for first time expectant parents, or expectant parents with special concerns. It is a wonderful opportunity to discuss and prepare for any expected or potential breastfeeding issues and learn how to optimize breastfeeding in the first weeks after birth.

***Please note we highly recommend that first time parents schedule our Prenatal Breastfeeding Class to learn basic breastfeeding management.

Back to Work Consults

We know the process of returning to work as a breastfeeding mom can be overwhelming. Let us help you to create an individualized plan for pumping and breastfeeding based upon YOUR work environment and schedule. Consults can also includes pump instruction, tips for bottle-feeding and any other questions you may have.


We recommend that Back to Work consults are scheduled after breastfeeding has been well established usually between 3-6 weeks post partum.

Pump Fit & Bottle Basics Consult

This consult is for parents who are planning to start pumping and/or bottle feeding. Parents will have an opportunity to have your pump flange fit checked which can make a big difference in the comfort and amount of milk removed while pumping. We can  discuss bottle feeding and how to make the transition easier for baby and caregiver. Also, how to protect the breastfeeding relationship and milk supply while incorporating these new tools into your routine

Weaning Consult

As you prepare for the conclusion of your breastfeeding journey  it is not uncommon to have questions and some concerns.  In this consult, all questions can be answered and a plan created to ease the transition for both you and your baby.

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