Clinic Day: Pumps & Bottle Refusers

Tuesday, November 19


Check in begins at 9:00am

Lunch included

6 Cerps awarded

Katy Linda, IBCLC, RLC, LLL


All About the Pump

Most American families find themselves needing a breast pump at some point in their infant feeding journey.  Thanks to the ACA, pumps are more readily available than ever, but this also means that there are more pumps than ever. Have you heard of Ardo, Cimilre, Spectra, Motif, Unimom, Freemie, or Baby Buddah? It can be hard to keep up with this fast changing piece of infant feeding. 


In this workshop, we will learn about the types of pumps, what most insurance plans offer as options, and when they are the best option for the families you work with.  Expect to walk away with knowledge of the most commonly seen pumps in the market, and hands on experiencing learning how they work.  We’ll also discuss tools to help make pumping an easier journey.  We will end with a hands on session with a variety of pumps so that you can be comfortable with when and how to use them

Susan Howard, RN, BSN, IBCLC


Bottle Battles: Practical Tips for

Bottle Refusers

Bottle difficulties are a frustrating yet common occurrence among breastfed infants. When parents call, they are desperate for help. Many have spent a small fortune trying various bottles. Yet, baby will not take the bottle and the stress is mounting.

IBCLCs are uniquely qualified to support the bottle refusing infant (and family). As infant feeding specialists, we are experts in infant oral anatomy and oral function. This program offers the IBCLC or clinician a road map to build bottle skills.

Bottle skills begins with a competent baby, an informed parent/caregiver, and a good-fit bottle.  All three are necessary for successful bottle skills.

We cannot make a baby take a bottle, but we can help the parent first figure out why the baby is struggling. We can recommend a good-fit bottle, and coach the caregiver on how to approach the bottle refusing baby. We will look at common causes of bottle refusing including tongue ties, torticollis, swallowing difficulties, and aversions. Through videos and case studies, this program will offer a complement of strategies to help build bottle skills.

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