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Holistic Movement

Holistic Movement classes offer a variety of yoga styles blended with functional exercise and bodywork therapeutics. When your mind and body call for some time to let go of stress, our gentle movement and meditation practices may be the antidote. Holistic Movement morning yoga and strengthening classes are a great way to boost energy and build inner and outer strength. Body education classes explore more about anatomy function for women’s wellness. Other women-focused classes give time for specific stages during a woman’s life such as pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.


Carrie Sarlo-Randazzo is the founder of Holistic Movement (previously known as HoliMomma.) Her passion and dedication for women’s health are expressed through her love, curiosity, and education for anatomy, movement, and the interwoven connection of mind, body, and spirit.

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Mindful Soul

At Mindful Soul Center for Wellbeing, we provide assessment and treatment of the full range of maternal mental health issues. We support new moms struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety. Our maternal mental health therapists are committed to excellence and have received training from experts in this field such as Karen Kleiman, Seleni Institute, and Postpartum Support International.

At Mindful Soul Center we help women embrace the good, bad, and ugly of motherhood, navigate hard transitions, recover from perfectionism, have healthier relationships, heal from the pain of abuse and trauma in their past, and tune in to their inner wisdom to make meaningful changes in their lives.


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Birth Freely
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Cat LaPlante, MAEd, CD(DONA), LCCE 2012 is the founder of Birth Freely Birth Services. Cat teaches childbirth education at The Village and privately. With the goal to better maternity care for all women, Cat offers a variety of classes including:

Labor of Love

Path to Parenthood

Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Class

Demystifying Your Hospital Birth

Cat also provides doula services to the South Jersey and Philadelphia area. She has been chosen two years running as the Reader's Choice Best Doula and Childbirth Educator.  As a certified doula she accompanies women in labor to provide them with a consistent touchstone during one of the most intimate and transformational experiences of their lives.

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