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Prenatal Offerings

Empowering and Supporting You Throughout Your Pregnancy

 Birth to Baby Bundle
Our Signature Childbirth Education Series
$215 (10% discount)

Labor of Love: Childbirth Preparation Class

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Path to Parenthood: Baby Basics & Postpartum Care


Mix & Match class dates to create the 3 part series that works for your schedule

Pricing includes pregnant person & support person

***Now offering the option to add This is YOUR Birth to our Birth to Baby Bundle

click "purchase bundle discount" below for more details!


Our Bundle is very popular and class dates sell out quickly. 

We recommend scheduling your prenatal classes early to ensure availability of your preferred dates.

Please use scheduler below to view available class dates PRIOR to purchasing your bundle discount. 

Online Booking for Prenatal Offerings

Prenatal Online Booking

Prenatal Massage at The Village

Provided by Holistic Movement

We focus on the unique and specific needs of each woman during pregnancy. While this is an amazing and beautiful time in a woman’s life, many pregnant women can feel periods of physical discomfort and emotional stress. We use specific body cushions that contour to a woman’s body during pregnancy. This allows accessibility for the prenatal client to lay in a prone position (face down with body raised so that belly can be safely positioned in open space

of cushions), side-lying with support and reclined on back with head, heart and lower legs elevated. We also offer trigger point therapy sessions for prenatal women that are close to/at/past their due to help stimulate labor. Specific acupressure points are incorporated in the massage session for this treatment. Guided breath-work and labor positioning practice can also be incorporated into the session.

massage joanne3.jpg

Prenatal Yoga & Fitness at The Village

Provided by Holistic Movement

Our HoliMomma classes are specifically designed for prenatal and postpartum women. We take a holistic approach to pregnancy and motherhood and offer a wide variety of classes from yoga, strength and stability, functional/corrective exercise, massage, bodywork, and meditation. We believe in offering space to connect with mind, body, baby & heart. This is a time to listen to your individual body wisdom. We’re here to support the changing needs (physically, emotionally, and mentally) and are along for the journey from conception, childbirth, parenting, and beyond. Classes and workshops include: Prenatal Yoga, Prenatal Strength & Stability, Prenatal Functional Exercise, Movement for Labor Pelvic Floor Support & More!

Maternity Meditation Class
Prenatal Yoga & Strength
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